The Plan Of Four-Dimensional Regulation (4D Plan) For Cancer Patients: First Systematic Plan For Cancer Patients In The World

Cancer is still a global issue. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and present immune therapy do prolong the lives of cancer patients, but these cannot correct a disordered immune system, a result of cancer.

Free radicals are often hazardous to patients and can damage all major components of cells, including DNA, proteins, and cell membranes. The damage free radicals can cause cells, especially the damage to DNA, may play a role in the development of cancer. In addition, the cancer microenvironment can generate free radicals, which might result in the metastasis of cancer.

Moreover, a substantially documented investigation provides evidence to support that chronic inflammation can predispose an individual to cancer. The longer the inflammation persists, the higher the risk of associated carcinogenesis. Furthermore, the stability of intestine bacteria populations is also playing an important role in tumor genesis and treatment.

Based on the evaluation of subpopulation of immune cells, the levels of free radicals, and chronic inflammation around cancer microenvironment and microbial in cancer patients, we successfully developed a “4D plan” for cancer patients. This plan will correct wrong immune system of cancer patients with use of a set of immune drugs, remove free radicals with antioxidant, cease inflammation with ant inflammation drugs and provide normal bacteria populations in intestine part.

We confirmed that this plan can return the immune system to normal, remove free radicals, stop chronic inflammation, and correct disordered intestine bacteria. Cancer regression or disappearance was observed in quite a few of the different cancer patients. This 4D plan, therefore, might be the key or final solution to cancer therapy.

In clinical practice, patients should be treated individually and systematically when it comes to their health condition and the character and quality of their tumor. Therefore, we put forward a new concept called the “4D Plan” for cancer patients. This will be the first time in the world that a solution has emphasized the importance of:

  1. Balancing immunity to the recovery of cancer patients;
  2. Removing free radicals;
  3. Ceasing inflammation within the tumor microenvironment, which will open a new approach to cancer therapy; and
  4. Maintaining stability of intestine bacteria populations.

Regulation on imbalanced sub-populations of lymphocytes in cancer patients with a set of immune drugs is a gentle, less demanding side effect and is a much more efficient way to fight cancer, which should be accepted by people around the world. A new consulting center for the recovery of cancer patients with this 4D Plan is going to start here soon to help patients in need.

We are seeking global collaboration to push the project and help cancer patients, especially terminal cancer patients, from healing to recovery.

These findings are based on work conducted by Johnny Shan, CEO of the new consulting center for the recovery of cancer patients,  Noreen Griffin, CEO at Immune Therapeutics Inc., and Fengping Shan, professor of immunology at China Medical University and chief science officer at Immune Therapeutics Inc.